Take me for a walk in the morning dew my honey.
Walk me out in the morning sun my love.

It's been more than 20 years now that I build my first personal webpage. Then, Content Management Systems CMS made me stop for a couple of years.

Don't get me wrong, I love try new tools, get them running, and setting them up. I used to try different OpenSource ERPs and CRMs, streaming servers and Network Attached Storage Systems NAS just for fun. Getting a cease and desist letter was not for one of the projects was not. Getting hacked on the other hand was interesting, but tedious afterwards. Comparibly tedious to CMS used to be and often still are. Instead of creating content one is spending more time administering.

And along came Twitter, Medium, Reddit and social media in general where you could create content with a readership already built-in. They are nice, but my content belongs to me. While Jekyll was easy to talk to, Hexo was funny fast. Now, let's see if Ghost let's me allow to just focus on the content again. Maybe in a similar simple manner as our webmastering teacher made us write a five minute journal every class.